Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ventless Gas Fireplace

Direct ventless gas fireplaces are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to have a clean, warm fire in their home, without the hassles of having to chop wood or deal with ashes and chimney maintenance. They are becoming a more common in homes and due to this growing demand, manufactures have increased the supply and range of different models to suite anyone's needs.

The flames of a ventless fireplace can closely resemble those of a wood fireplace however they may not be suitable for a fireplace blower. Although more unnatural, blue flames burn much hotter then their yellow counterparts and can be used with fireplace blowers.

Venting Options

Due to their ease of installing a gas fireplace, they can be placed right where there used to be a brick fireplace or any existing fireplace. This will save you time and money by not having to create a new smoke pipe. However this chimney cannot be damaged and if it is in need of repair then it must be repaired prior to the installation of a new fireplace.

If a chimney is not available, then don't worry. Your second option is to install a top venting pipe or flue, similar to a chimney but less hassle when installing it. This is generally not a DIY job so get a contractor to help.

Your third option is to get a direct venting system. Basically this is a unit that you can place on any wall and allows the fireplace to take in air from the outdoors and to remove air from the fireplace. This is a safe alternative to the previous two systems as the air used for combustion is from the outside thus reducing the risk of carbon monoxide buildup.

Efficiency and Safety

Ventless gas fireplaces are very efficient and direct vent fireplaces are some of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. This is due to their ease of installation and the fact that they can be placed anywhere within a home. Also, by using a direct vent fireplace you eliminate the need for a chimney or flue and the risk of back drafts is gone. They are also perfectly sealed from the outside so that none of the air escapes through the new pipes through the walls.

Since direct vent fireplaces take and release air from the outside the risk of carbon monoxide is greatly reduced compared to a fireplace which used and released all it's combustible air form the inside. The pipes leading from the fireplace intake and outtake are lined with a fireproof paste and lather to increase efficiency and safety of the fireplace.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gel Fireplaces

Just like the Real Thing

A gel fireplace is fed by an grain-alcohol gel which typically burns for a few hours at a time. There a relatively new type of fireplace appearing on the scene. They are very efficient and home friendly and thus can be placed anywhere in a home to heat any room. There are truly a large number of reasons why people choose these types of fireplaces over others.

Since it's alcohol burning the fireplace only emits low levels of carbon dioxide, the same gas that we exhale. These levels have been monitored and proven to be negligent compared with the amount of CO2 you exhale in your home and do not pose any danger. Also there is no smoke or vapor which is emitted, allowing you to get a fireplace even if someone in your family had breathing difficulties around other fireplaces.

Another huge advantage these types of fireplaces have over others is that they can be placed anywhere in a home. They require no chimney and thus are suitable for condos and apartments whereas other fireplaces would be not allowed or even possible. Due to their light weight and lack of chimney they can also be easily moved from one place to another in the home.

The Ventless Authentic Flame Fireplace.

They do not emit heat and the only way you could access the heat that is produced would be to purchase a fireplace blower. Gel fireplaces are built for ambiance and beauty rather then to warm up a house.

How much do they cost?

Well you can get models ranging from 200$ to upwards in the thousands for higher end models. The alcohol fuel costs about 3-4$ per can and each can lasts a few hours. You can also blow out the flame to save fuel.

Case of 24 Gel Fuel Cans.

Beautiful, inexpensive, safe and portable, what else could you really need from a fireplace?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fireplace Blower

When you're sitting right beside a fireplace you feel it's warmth and it's heat. But what about the rest of your family on the other side of the room, or down the hall? Most fireplaces, as big as they get, don't efficiently heat large rooms or houses. It's for that reason why you have to get a fireplace blower. In short, a fireplace blower will warm up your house.

How do they work?

Fireplace blowers capture heat that would have been lost otherwise and distribute it around the home. Such extra heat can come from sources like heat traveling up the chimney. Some utilize a method of intaking cold air from the room and then heating that air within it's pipes so that it can then release the heated air into the room. This way eventually all of the cool air in your room would have been captured and converted into warm air, greatly increasing the heating efficiency of your fireplace.

How can they save you money?

By using air already circulating in the room the efficiency of your fireplace is greatly increased. This will allow you to reduce the amount of time required for your fireplace to heat the room your in and the amount of time it requires to be on. Generally due to energy savings the blower should pay itself off over a winter. The fireplace blower also works with non decorational fireplaces. You just attach the hoses or pipes to your fireplace and suddenly your decoration is now heating your room. They are plugged into the wall so you must have a socket nearby but use very little energy for the fans inside the blowers.

How much do they cost?

Well it depends. Some come installed with the fireplace and others are either DIY jobs or fireplace blower kits. The kits range in price from 100-500$ depending on the make and model. The models mostly come with multiple year warranties and are made from high quality, durable materials.