Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gel Fireplaces

Just like the Real Thing

A gel fireplace is fed by an grain-alcohol gel which typically burns for a few hours at a time. There a relatively new type of fireplace appearing on the scene. They are very efficient and home friendly and thus can be placed anywhere in a home to heat any room. There are truly a large number of reasons why people choose these types of fireplaces over others.

Since it's alcohol burning the fireplace only emits low levels of carbon dioxide, the same gas that we exhale. These levels have been monitored and proven to be negligent compared with the amount of CO2 you exhale in your home and do not pose any danger. Also there is no smoke or vapor which is emitted, allowing you to get a fireplace even if someone in your family had breathing difficulties around other fireplaces.

Another huge advantage these types of fireplaces have over others is that they can be placed anywhere in a home. They require no chimney and thus are suitable for condos and apartments whereas other fireplaces would be not allowed or even possible. Due to their light weight and lack of chimney they can also be easily moved from one place to another in the home.

The Ventless Authentic Flame Fireplace.

They do not emit heat and the only way you could access the heat that is produced would be to purchase a fireplace blower. Gel fireplaces are built for ambiance and beauty rather then to warm up a house.

How much do they cost?

Well you can get models ranging from 200$ to upwards in the thousands for higher end models. The alcohol fuel costs about 3-4$ per can and each can lasts a few hours. You can also blow out the flame to save fuel.

Case of 24 Gel Fuel Cans.

Beautiful, inexpensive, safe and portable, what else could you really need from a fireplace?

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